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Q: Where did the idea for Skuhwiggle come from?


A: I was thinking about my grandson and how hard it is for a boy to know what’s right and what’s wrong in today’s world. Too often the people who should be role models (politicians, movie stars, super heroes, etc.) turn to violence and beating down their opponents as a first resort. I created Skuhwiggle and Jimmy to show that using your brains instead of your muscles can be a lot smarter in the end.


Q: How have the characters changed as you’ve written about them?


A: I originally thought Jimmy might be a kind of superhero himself, using martial arts and his combat skills to take down bad guys. I figured out very quickly that Jimmy need to be the opposite of all that. He had to be disgusted by the violence, which makes him find other solutions to the problems he comes across.


Q: Where do you see these characters going?


A: I’ve actually written a Skuhwiggle novel. With luck I’ll find a publisher for it soon, so everyone can discover how Jimmy and Skuhwiggle meet and establish their relationship.